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At sea, Finnlines crew

The Ship is Loaded with Christmas Spirit

A thin layer of snow decorates the deck of Finncanopus. The scent of gingerbread and Christmas food fills the corridors. Let’s peek into the Christmas celebration atmosphere of the Finncanopus crew.

Finncanopus is on its way from China to Finland. The early days of the delivery voyage coincided with Christmas Eve, which meant that the crew of Finncanopus celebrated Christmas at sea. In this blog post, we show a photo collage of how Christmas on the Yellow Sea went.

Departing from Yantai

In addition to the Christmas spirit, the ship is loaded with cargo and provisions. We were able to depart from Yantai in beautiful winter weather. The deck of Finncanopus was coated with snow. The snowy cars on the cargo decks gradually melted. The scent of gingerbread and Christmas casseroles filled the corridors.

We set sail from Yantai at nightfall, accompanied by a beautiful sunset. Now China would be left behind for good.

Christmas Red on the Yellow Sea

What do Finnish seamen do when they are far from home and Christmas occurs during the delivery voyage of a new vessel? Of course, they celebrate a cozy, traditional Christmas at sea, complete with casserole dishes, Christmas pastries, ham, Finnish mustard, and Christmas saunas. Santa Claus even visited Finncanopus! Below is a photo collage capturing the Christmas atmosphere.

Baker Marko Airaksinen and the Hefty Christmas Loaves.
Katri Vallasvuori and the Freshly Baked Christmas Buns.
Retail Manager Linda Rosqvist conjured up wonderful gingerbread treats, and everyone also received a personalized gingerbread cookie.
Head Chef Dan Grönvall, the Hams, and Finnish Mustard.
The Crew’s Christmas Eve Program on Finncanopus. The Christmas Peace was declared by Captain Jyrki Repo.
Santa Claus also made it to Finncanopus’ Barrel Bay Bar. Assisting as an elf in distributing gifts was Kristiina Uppala.

From Frost to Warmth: A Journey’s Transition

The Christmassy Yellow Sea is already behind us – as are the frosts. Currently, the outdoor thermometers on Finncanopus are flirting with daytime temperatures of +27 degrees Celsius, as the vessel approaches the port of the city-state of Singapore.