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Our values and strategy


Customer focus

Our customers choose us thanks to our competence, expertise and reliability. Satisfied customers are the basis for Finnlines’ enduring success. By identifying its cargo customers’ and passengers’ needs, the Company can continuously develop its service products and generate concrete added value for its customers.


We adhere to the principles of sustainable development. Environmental responsibility forms part of our Company’s everyday operations. We take safety issues into consideration in all our operations.


We achieve our objectives. Through the quality of our business operations, we are able to guarantee long-term profitability and generate added value.

Employee satisfaction

We are a reliable and motivating employer. We treat our employees with fairness and equality, rewarding the merit.


Strategic Goals

Our strategy is to grow together with our customers, to increase the efficiency of the capital employed on our fleet and to continue investing in sustainable development. Four strategic goals steer all our business operations.

A stronger position in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea cargo traffic

• We invest in the operational efficiency of our current transport areas.
• We will open new routes according to market opportunities.
• We are actively involved in the growing consolidation of the sector.
• We increase Group-wide network synergies beyond the core of today.

A stronger position in the Baltic Sea passenger traffic

• We offer quick and effortless travel between Finland, Sweden and Germany to our passengers on our large and efficient ro-pax vessels.
• We offer the most eco-friendly choice for passengers to travel between Finland, Sweden and Germany.

A stronger position in Russian freight traffic

• We are the leading shipping company in transit traffic.
• We actively develop and market direct transport routes between Continental Europe and Russian Baltic ports.

Growing profitability

• We strive to improve our productivity. One of the main ways of doing this is to focus on routes where the vessels’ capacity utilization is as high as possible in both directions.
• We will increase the efficiency of our operational systems and information management with data-driven analysis.
• We take proper care of environmental and safety issues.
• We invest in staff competence.