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Strategy and values

Finnlines’ aim is to be customers’ first choice when they choose a freight carrier. We run scheduled liner traffic with a modern fleet and can carry a wide mix of cargo. Finnlines’ cargo-passenger
vessels also welcome private passengers and groups who appreciate a peaceful, no-stress sea voyage.

We take our social responsibility as well as economic and environmental aspects into consideration in all our operations. Our in-depth knowledge and over 75-year experience of shipping ensure that we create a long-term value for our customers.


We aim to be the most trusted commercial partner for our customers by providing safe and high-quality sea transport services. We actively develop our service products by identifying our cargo customers’ and passengers’ needs. We provide reliable sea connections to the private and public sector.

Our digital services, as well as operational systems, help us increase our efficiency and we can provide provide better services to our customers. Data analytics brings new opportunities for operational optimisation.

Together with our customers, we safeguard the national security of supply in a cost-effective and responsible manner.

We are committed to long-term efforts for the environment. We look far into the future and make investments in energy efficiency and eco-efficient services as energy saving is the best way to reduce emissions and reach immediate results. We are constantly renewing and developing our fleet with the latest technologies and innovations.

With high-quality business operations, we are able to guarantee long-term profitability and generate added value to our customers. Our vessels are flexible in terms of cargo mix and route. All our own vessels are ice-strengthened and thus capable of transporting goods even in difficult conditions. With a diversified fleet we can respond quickly to customer demand, regulatory or other changes.

We strive for the best performance, which we achieve through operational excellence, efficient fleet, and by focusing on routes with the highest possible capacity utilisation in southbound and northbound directions.


Our customers choose us thanks to our competence, expertise and reliability. Satisfied customers are the basis for Finnlines’ enduring success. By identifying our cargo customers’ and passengers’ needs, we can continuously develop our service products and generate concrete added value for our customers.

We achieve our objectives. Through the quality of our business operations, we are able to guarantee long- term profitability and generate added value.

We adhere to the principles of sustainable development. Environmental responsibility forms part of our Company’s everyday operations. We take safety issues into consideration in all our operations.

We are a reliable and motivating employer. We treat our employees with fairness and equality, rewarding the merit.