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Travemünde–Malmö ferry timetable

With our convenient ships, Finnpartner, Finntrader and Finnfellow, we can offer up to three departures every day from Travemünde to Malmö and back. This guarantees you a flexible travel planning.

On Travemünde–Malmö route departures are available until 18.12.2022. Check-in opening hours.

Timetable changes on route Travemünde–Malmö.

Timetable Travemünde–Malmö

Departure Travemünde Arrival Malmö
Sun 01:00 * departure day 10:30
Mon 03:00 * departure day 11:45
Tue–Fri 02:30 * departure day 11:15
Sat 03:00 * departure day 12:00
Tue–Fri 10:00 departure day 19:15
Sat 11:00 departure day 20:00
Mon, Thur, Fri 22:00 * next day 07:15
Tue, Wed 21:45 * next day 07:15
Sat, Sun 22:00 * next day 07:30

Timetable Malmö–Travemünde

Departure Malmö Arrival Travemünde
Tue–Thur 10:00 departure day 19:00
Fri, Sat 10:00 departure day 19:15
Sat 13:30 departure day 23:00
Mon–Fri 16:00 next day 00:45
Sun 16:00 next day 01:15
Sat 22:30 * next day 08:30
Mon, Tue, Fri 22:00 * next day 07:00
Wed, Thur, Sun 22:00 * next day 07:15

* Cabin booking is compulsory on evening and night departures and when travelling with pets.

Timetables are in local time. Special timetable operates on public holidays.

Up to date timetables for all departures are displayed in our online booking system.

Things to see and do

With us you can reach the “Gate to Sweden” in the Öresund area in only 9 hours from Germany. You can already discover impressive, modern Malmö from the vessel: The entrance to the port leads under the approximately 8 km long Öresund bridge.

The 190m high curved “Turning Torso” also welcomes you to the port. The city offers much to discover. You can plunge into the city around the “Lilla Torg” and numerous  cafès, restaurants and bars invite you to sample the various Scandinavien dishes. The Lilla Torg square is framed by beautiful houses from the 16th century with its different epochs.

If you are traveling to Travemünde from a longer distance, the connection is ideal: you board in the evening, wake up  the next morning in your comfortable cabin and you can discover Malmö well rested. This route is ideal for your journey to your holiday home in the Swedish countryside.

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We have three daily departures on route Travemünde–Malmö. Explore all the offers on this route.

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Services on route Malmö–Travemünde

With our convenient ships we can offer up to four departures every day from Malmö to Travemünde and back.

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Malmö, Sweden


Picturesque villages and towns, unspoilt nature and Swedish hospitality make a holiday in Sweden one to remember. Moreover, Sweden is a particularly child-friendly country, making travelling with children an enjoyable experience.

Dresden, Germany


Germany is a land of breathtaking landscapes, historical sights and cultural events.