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Timetable changes Travemünde–Malmö



27.3. departure from Travemünde at 11:00h, arrival in Malmö at 20:00h
28.3. departure from Travemünde at 11:15h, arrival in Malmö at 20:15h

10.4. no departure at 02:30h
10.4. departure from Travemünde at 22:00h, arrival in Malmö 11.4. at 07:30h
11.4. no departure at 03:00h
12.4. no departure at 01:00h
13.4.–17.4. no departure at 02:30h
18.4. no departure at 03:00h
19.4. no departure at 01:00h

20.4. no departure at 02:30h



9.4.–10.4. no departure at 16:00h
10.4. departure from Malmö at 22:00h, arrival in Travemünde 11.4. at 07:30h
11.4. no departure at 13:30h
12.4.–17.4. no departure at 16:00h
18.4. no departure at 13:30h
19.4. no departure at 16:00h

In case of a short notice timetable change, we will try to reach all passengers affected by this change. Thus it's important that you provide us with a telephone number/mobile number on which we can reach you also during your journey.

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