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  • Finnlines News 3/2023

Responsible Summer Jobs

Finnlines ranked among the Top 10 companies in this year’s Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) competition in the category of 1000plus organisations.

All full-time employees need a break from time to time but shipping is a 24/7 business 365 days a year. Summer is the high season for passenger traffic and export and import goods must also be carried all year round.

In Finnlines, summer trainees’ tasks range from freight and passenger services to bookkeeping, purchasing and payroll management. Employees are needed to check in car-borne passengers and drive foot passenger aboard. Finnlines promises to offer meaningful work, not to hire coffee makers. Trainees would be team members, equal to the permanent employees.

Based on feedback from last summer, the trainees appreciated the businesslike and efficient application process. Permanent employees dedicated time to introduce new arrivals to their tasks, fostering a friendly and supportive work environment. It is evident that the trainees gained valuable work experience for the future. Exciting opportunities for summer 2024 will be announced in January. Stay tuned!