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  • Finnlines News 3/2023

Personnel changes

Retirement celebration:

Honouring Staffan Herlin’s journey and contributions

In the search for the archetype of unwavering company loyalty, the “man of the company”, there is no need to look further than Staffan Herlin. 40 years in varied positions at Effoa, Finncarriers, Frachtkontor Finnland and Finnlines Plc has made Staffan a staple not only in Finnlines but also in the wider Finnish shipping community. Quite a few people know him in the European mainland and on the British Isles, too.

After years and decades in business, Staffan has not lost his ability to discuss, negotiate, persuade, speculate, and navigate both the small stuff and the big picture – or to enjoy a good meal while conversing. Never dictating, always aiming at win-win he has been in a few tight spots but never lost his good sense of humour or jovial disposition. There even might have been a few occasions when he was on time.

He may say “everything was better before” in several languages, but few people adapt to change as easily as he does. So, like the family man he is, he will go on polishing his old Mercedes and equally old boat, washing windows, tending the garden, and ordering his grandchildren around even after the turn of the year when he retires.

“I want to express our deepest gratitude for Staffan’s outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication. Staffan’s leadership has been invaluable, and his impact will resonate within our organisation for years to come”, says Tom Pippingsköld, CEO, Finnlines. “Thank you for your years of service and commitment to excellence.”

We wish all the happiness to him, Sarianna, and the family, Frasier the dog included.

Meet the new faces:

Recent appointments at Finnlines’ management

Suvi Niemivuo was appointed as Head of Legal, Insurance and Claims and she was invited to join the Finnlines Executive Committee on 1 October 2023.

Suvi joined Finnlines as a Senior Legal Counsel in November 2022. She took over the challenging responsibilities as the Acting Head of Legal, Insurance and Claims in May 2023 and she was then also appointed to Finnlines’ Board of Management.

Suvi has graduated as a Master of Laws from the University of Helsinki. Before joining Finnlines, she worked in shipping and insurance sector. She has a vast experience in maritime and transport law, marine insurance and claims management.

“We are delighted to have Suvi in our management team. Being an experienced professional, she settled quickly into our company. We wish Suvi all the success in her new position,” says Tom Pippingsköld, CEO, Finnlines.