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Hansalink schedule plan during strike

As previously informed, the Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced a political strike starting on Monday 11 March at 6:00 and ending on Monday 25 March at 6:00. 

Hansalink service between Helsinki and Travemünde runs according to the normal schedule but will only take accompanied units until further notice. The first such departures will be on Sunday 10 March at 02:00 from Travemünde and from Helsinki on Monday 11 March

This exceptional situation changes the normal way of doing things as follows: during the strike regular allotments are not in force. There will be a strike surcharge of 10,- / metre and empty lorries are charged as full. Lorries must be in port at least 2 hours before departure.

Please note that due to limited capacity the drivers may have to share cabins.

We regret all inconvenience the situation causes.