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Let the fun begin!

This summer we offer more fun than ever on board Finnlines vessels! Let the magicians and clowns among others entertain you and bring smile on your face. See here who will be performing on your special trip.

Summer programme 2022


Riesa-Pelle is a positive and brisk figure who entertains children of all ages with funny magic tricks, juggling, balloons and face paintings.

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 28.6., 12.7. and 8.8.
Travemünde: 30.6., 14.7. and 10.8.

Naavakainen and Tökkyrä

The best adventures ever on the waves of the Baltic sea are about to get started when Naavakainen and Tökkyrä jumps aboard! Can Naavakainen conquer the captain and take over the control on the bridge? Is Tökkyrä sneaky enough to eat all sausages from the buffet table?

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 2.7., 5.7., 13.7., 2.8. and 7.8.
Travemünde: 4.7., 7.7., 15.7., 4.8. and 9.8.

Magician Jari

Jari is a popular performer. His program includes a magic show where children can help the magician. He also conjures up balloon animals for children.

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 25.6., 29.6., 3.7., 11.7., 16.7., 19.7., 22.7., 25.7., 30.7. and 4.8.
Travemünde: 27.6., 1.7., 5.7., 13.7., 18.7., 21.7., 24.7., 27.7., 1.8. and 6.8.


Maddaleena loves to sing and dance and she invites you to a musical adventure around the world! The action-packed children’s performance includes familiar songs, a pinch of theatrical theater and lots of magic tricks.

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 27.6., 30.6., 6.7. and 9.7.
Travemünde: 29.6., 2.7., 8.7. and 11.7.

Jacintha “Jassu”

Jassu ensures that children will have fun during the sea journey. Jassu organizes fun games, competitions and much more.

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 15.7. and 18.7.
Travemünde: 17.7. and 20.7.

Magician Roope

Magician Roope’s magic show takes the audience to a magical world where tables fly, items disappear and appear and objects change their shape – mystical and fascinating! A family-friendly show full of magic, music and many other fun activities for the kids.

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 7.7., 10.7., 3.8. and 6.8.
Travemünde: 9.7., 12.7., 5.8. and 8.8.

Kerli Lindegren

Performing on departures from
Helsinki: 1.7., 4.7. and 5.8.
Travemünde: 3.7., 6.7. and 7.8.

Ahoy kids !

The classic ball pit will keep the kids busy at Kids’ Corner. Chill out and play fun games at Teens’ Lounge.

News for summer 2022: Purchase a drink wristband on board for the kids, so they can drink as much soft drinks as they like!