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Finnlines News 3/2021


Shortsea services are a crucial lifeline for the logistics industry of northern European countries.

New arrivals

The construction of two eco-efficient ro-pax vessels proceeds in China and the Finnlines shore organization has also been strengthened to welcome the arrivals.


News from the shipyard

The steel cutting ceremony of the ro-pax vessel Finncanopus was celebrated at the shipyard. At the same time, so-called mock-ups have been built to test the materials to be used in the interior design.

Finnlines increases capacity between Finland and Sweden

To meet the growing capacity demand, Finnlines transfers the ro-pax vessel Europalink to the Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär route.

Protect your goods

Preparations for the sea carriage start before loading. As many players are involved, close cooperation and communication are of utmost importance to share best practices.

Segregation, prevention, detection, extinguishment - Carrying alternative fuel vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles, which run on energy other than fossil fuels, can be carried safely when certain aspects are taken into account.

Dr. Doolittle rode with Finnlines to the Tokyo Paralympics

Dr. Dootlittle, a Hanoverian sport horse, chose Finnlines to travel to the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics.