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Tips for campers and caravans on board

Travelling on a ferry is easy and relaxing. Read useful tips and information on travelling by Finnlines ferries.

Check-in, driving on board and luggage

Contact information for Finnlines harbours, directions for driving to the harbours and information on check-in procedures are available on Finnlines’ websites. The check-in closes one or two hours before departure, depending on the route. Check the exact check-in times on our websites. Contact details for the harbours and check-in times are also listed on all booking confirmations.

Show the booking confirmation at the check-in to get boarding cards, cabin keys and meal vouchers. Remember to verify the identity of all passengers by either an official ID card or a passport. After check-in, you can drive to the waiting lane, from which a Finnlines vehicle will lead all vehicles on board the ferry. Please note that vehicles are parked quite close to one another on the car deck, and we recommend that you fold in the side mirrors. Gas cylinders must be closed before boarding the ferry.

Take along to your cabin any luggage you may need during the voyage, as there is no access to the car deck during the ferry trip.

When the ferry arrives at the port of destination, an announcement will be made when passengers are allowed to go to the car deck.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to have electricity on board?

In most cases, it is possible. When making the reservation, please mention that you need electricity on board. In this case, the check-in person will give you a tag, which you should place on the windscreen to inform the person in charge of loading the ferry. Please have the extension cord ready. Please note that if the ferry is full, there may not be an electrical connection available for all vehicles.

On the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route and the Malmö–Travemünde route, the price of electricity is €5 and on the Helsinki–Travemünde route, it is €10.

2. Is it possible to use cold storage on board or, alternatively, can a refrigerator operating on gas be used during the ferry trip?

The refrigerators in campers and caravans are usually connected to mains power during the voyage. A refridgerator cannot operate on gas during the voyage, because gas must be switched off before boarding the ferry, and the gas cylinder locker is sealed with a sticker.

Passengers’ food or cooler bags cannot be stored in the cold stores of the ferry for reasons of hygiene and safety. In certain cabin categories, the cabins are equipped with a refrigerator.

3. Can my dog stay in the camper/caravan during the ferry trip and can I go check on them during the voyage, or should I take the dog to my cabin?

Pets are not allowed to stay in the vehicle during the ferry trip. When travelling with pets, you should book a pet cabin for all departures. A maximum of two pets can be taken to the cabin.

Only dogs used for sledding, for example, may stay on the car deck in an air-conditioned animal transport vehicle. Bookings for animal transport vehicles must be made via Finnlines Call Center, and a special place will be reserved for them on the car deck. The owners may visit the car deck, accompanied by ship staff, to see to the animals. This should be agreed separately with the purser. 

4. Does the gas cylinder or gas tank have to be switched off during the crossing?

Yes, gas must be switched off before boarding the ship.

5. Can I book a caravan combination?

Yes. Through Finnlines' online booking system, you can book a ferry trip for a vehicle combination of up to 12 metres. You can specify the size of the vehicle on the first page of the booking system by clicking on the "Add vehicle" button and selecting the length and height category for the vehicle. Bookings for vehicles and vehicle combinations over 12 metres in length must be made through the Finnlines Call Center.

6. Can I stay overnight in my camper/caravan during a voyage?

Overnight stays in a vehicle on the car deck are forbidden for safety reasons.

7. Can I transport bicycles, boats or other sports equipment with my camper/caravan?

Yes, as long as the maximum length and height of the reserved vehicle category are not exceeded. Please note that bicycles carried on a rack fixed to a camper should not be booked as individual additional vehicles.

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