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  • Finnlines News 2/2023

Automatic trailer trestles – a Finnlines invention

In the wake of ‘trailerisation’ of the transport chain, an automatic trailer trestle system was developed and patented by Finnlines in the early 2000’s. The system made securing of trailer cargo safer, easier, faster, and more cost-efficient.

Automatic trailer trestles were first adopted in the Helsinki–Travemünde traffic, but the equipment has gradually been taken into use in several other ports.

The aim was also to improve stevedores’ safety at work and to reduce the ro-pax vessels’ stopover hours in port on the Helsinki–Travemünde route.

The aim was also to improve stevedores’ safety at work and to reduce the ro-pax vessels’ stopover hours in port on the Helsinki–Travemünde route.

Aarhus took the challenge

Monday, 5 June 2023, was Denmark’s Constitution Day, but it was also the day when Finnlines started using Auto trestles in full scale in Aarhus.

The ro-ro vessel Finnbreeze arrived early on Monday morning at 7, and the first discharging took place in beautiful sunshine. The stevedores were well prepared, and so the operation went smoothly although there was some driving back and forth in the beginning. After all, many workers had to adopt new working habits and routines. The vessel crew, Finnlines office staff, the stevedores’ foreman, but especially the stevedore drivers and lashing staff, faced a major change.

According to Rune Nielsen, the Managing Director at Finnlines Denmark A/S, introduction of the new equipment was “a good experience and very promising for the future operations despite some expected challenges.”

“I was bowled over by the nomination. At the same time it was a great honour to become part of this fine tradition,” said Tom Pippingsköld. Photo: Visit Naantali, Naantalin Matkailu Oy

Official Sleepy Head of 2023

Every year, at dawn on 27 July a crowd of people walk to the Naantali guest marina. Many are dressed in pyjamas, nightgowns and bathrobes. Some carry soft toys. All are curious to see who the Sleeper of the year is as the identity is kept secret until he or she is thrown into the sea and revealed.

The National Sleepy Head Day (in Finnish Unikeonpäivä; in Swedish Sjusovardagen) has been celebrated since the 19th century in Naantali. Although the event dates back to the times when the belief was that people sleeping late were lazy, the official Sleepy Heads have been distinguished composers, painters, actors, entrepreneurs, and politicians, all with some connection to Naantali.

It was not a coincidence that Tom Pippingsköld, Finnlines’ President and CEO, got drenched this year. Naantali and the entire Western Finland area benefit from Finnlines’ investments in new large ecological vessels, scheduled services and increased capacity for freight and passengers between Finland and Sweden. The new ships also provide a high-quality cruising experience in the Archipelago.

Baltops 23 – Ensuring safe merchant shipping in the Baltic Sea

As many as 19 NATO Allies and 1 partner nation, 50 ships, more than 45 aircraft, and some 6,000 people participated in the annual Baltops exercise in June. The exercise gave a unique training opportunity to strengthen the combined response capability critical to preserve the freedom of navigation and security in the Baltic Sea region.

Finnlines’ vessels were tracked and some also escorted outside Gotland and Öland. Finnlady had visitors from a German naval vessel whose crew was interested in learning about operations on a freight-passenger vessel while the joint drill replaced a mandatory ISPS security drill for the Finnlady crew. “It was a very useful drill for us,” said Captain Pekka Stenvik.

The NATO Shipping Centre in Britain thanked the ships and their crew for active involvement and dedication to cooperate during the exercise.

Captain Pekka Stenvik introduces Liaison Officer Jan Scharrer to the Finnlady bridge and its equipment.

Finnlines nominated as the Logistics Company of 2023

The Turku Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Finland district of Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, LOGY, award every other year the logistics company of the year. In 2023 Finnlines, a Grimaldi Group company, was elected as winner.

Janne Aho, Chairman of the Transport and Logistics Committee of the Turku Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Skanlog Oy, explained the grounds for the election. “Finnlines’ investment in the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route is very important for the region.”

He also praised Finnlines for having invested in new, environmentally friendly freight-passenger ships.

The prize was collected by Staffan Herlin, Commercial Director at Finnlines, who assured that Finnlines is delighted by the recognition and proud of its role in supporting imports and exports between the two countries and ensuring the security of supply.

Photo: Turku Chamber of Commerce