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Press release, 10 April 2024

Route between Sweden and Poland

Press release, 5 April 2024

Route between Sweden and Poland

Press release, 5 April 2024

Superstar blog

Recapping the story

Annual report

Finncanopus, inaugural month

Press release , 20 March 2024

Superstar blog

The naming ceremonies and godmothers

Financial statements

Financial statements and Q4 2023

Superstar blog

A Stopover in Las Palmas

Superstar blog

South Africa Harbour stop

Superstar blog

Finncanopus extends a helping hand!

Superstar blog

Finncanopus route

Superstar blog

Finncanopus delivery

Finnlines News 3/23

stakeholder magazine

Finnlines connects Spain and Belgium

Press release, 18 December

Superstar blog

Sea trial

Smooth first two months for Finnsirius

Press release, 15 November

Superstar blog

What’s up Finncanopus?

Ro-Pax of the Year

Finnsirius was awarded

Europalinki back in Malmö

Press release, 18 September 2023

Superstar blog

Finnsirius in Naantali

Superstar blog

Through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Atlantic

Superstar blog

Suez Canal has successfully completed…

Finnsirius debuts

Maiden voyage on 15 September

Superstar blog

Heading Home…

Finnsirius delivered

Superstar blog

The Engineers Present: What Is so…

Superstar blog

From the pipe tunnel to the brig…

Superstar blog

5th blog

Q1 2023

Superstar dining concept

Superstar blog

4th blog, in Finnish

Superstar blog

3rd Blog

Superstar blog

Second article, in Finnish

Superstar blog

First article, in Finnish

Meeting packages & Superstar ships

Annual report 2022

Financial statements and Q4 2022

Ireland–Belgium service

Passenger figures

Finncanopus launched

Superstars sail under the Finnish flag


Finnlines News 3/2022

Finnlines Q3 2022

Finnlines invests heavily in passenger traffic

Finnlines celebrates 75 years of shipping

New Superstars

Finnlines News 2/2022

Financial Review January–June 2022

Finnlines adds new vessels to its fleet and expands services

Finnlines opens a new line

responds to market demand

Q1 published

Financial review January-March 2022

Finnlines’ new hybrid ro-ro vessels are being built at the shipyard in 2022

Finneco I delivered

The first hybrid ro-ro vessel delivered to Finnlines